Lafayette moves to online semester

Throughout this crisis, we have said that Lafayette’s highest priorities are protecting the health and safety of our community, and providing a substantive academic experience. Given the dramatic changes that have taken place in the national landscape since we formulated our plan in early June, we believe that we can best fulfill these goals with a minimal student population on campus and a curriculum of engaging and rigorous online courses.

July 22: Moving to online instruction
Aug. 17: Welcome to the fall semester

Healthy Campus

To protect the health and safety of the campus community, a minimal number of students will be allowed to live on campus. The College will employ testing, monitoring, contact tracing, and physical distancing.

Academic Adaptability

From the outset, we have been preparing flexible course designs that could accommodate online delivery. We will provide a meaningful educational experience for all students this fall.

Resource Alignment

The College is prioritizing resources for technology (nearly $1 million invested this summer) and training to support online instruction and learning, secure safety supplies, and introduce changes to manage density.