Updated July 22, 2020


• Campus closure and rapid move to remote teaching and learning


• Incident Action Group subcommittees formed • Safety protocol team established • Academic Continuity and Adaptability Committee created • Campus health and safety group formed • Finance advisory group established and financial scenarios developed


• Technology planning begins for increased flexibility • Board of Trustees endorses exploration of fall on-campus scenarios • Operational unit plan development with 20 major areas providing input • Implementation Plan Development Group is created, charged with developing plan framework and outline steps to be taken for fall opening • Significant procurement decisions made to plan for fall and gradual return to campus • Town hall for faculty and staff


• Decision to hold virtual Commencement made • Town hall for students • Faculty endorse two-week early start to the fall semester • Public announcement of plan for fall semester • Town hall for parents and families • Town hall for faculty and staff • Town hall for Easton community • Following guidance from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health and the CDC, some faculty/staff transition back to campus for research, teaching, and campus life programming • Most staff continue to work remotely


• Patriot League cancels fall sports competitions • College announces move to an online semester • Public health awareness and safety protocols are in place, including personal protective equipment • Last day to receive student applications to live and study on campus set for July 29; decisions made Aug. 3 • Testing and move-in begins for on-campus students Aug. 10 • Fall semester begins Aug. 17 • Bills due Sept. 1


• Continue monitoring, testing, notification, isolation and assessment of COVID-19 risks • Campus operational notifications provided, as needed, based on potential changes to operating mode • Continued public health awareness and accountability for everyone to follow guidance • Scaling of in-person events/activities/access possible, depending on risk factors • On-campus students will leave campus for Thanksgiving break and return prior to the start of the spring semester